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note;; i generally won't friend you unless
i either know you in real life, or i feel that i know you
as well as i can via these here internets. nothing personal, but
this journal is. also, i will generally defriend once a
journal becomes pretty inactive, but i am not opposed to
refriending if you return from the netherworld.
so, leave a comment & see!

From: [identity profile]

Found you from the Schools page + I read your MySpace.

So, getting your masters in music. Did you have Young/Bialkin in RHS? Just have to know.

Good luck.

From: [identity profile]

yeah, i had young for 2 years then shifted to bialkin. bednar for concert band. i miss mr young.

and who are you? and can we be friends? :P

From: [identity profile]

me, i'm naveen, a sophomore at RHS. so naturally i've had bialkin all 4 years. actually, the year i got to seventh grade, young had retired from smith school so i never had him.

From: [identity profile]

dude. no offense, but that makes me feel MAD OLD, seeing as i'm a senior in college. lol.
hi naveen. i'm victoria. :)

i still friended you, though.

From: [identity profile]

I friended you. At least I think I did, and if I didn't, I will now.

And don't worry. You're not old. You're just not exactly young.

From: [identity profile]

No, you're in that happy medium where you can be an adult in social circles but still have a sense of playfulness among the littluns. Plus, the middle is always a good place to be, especially in cases of genocide.

i know i said it wrong

four, three, two, one,
i'm letting you go.
if you will let go.

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